Hi everyone, Remember when I blogged about getting ORGANIZED IN 2013 well....We are doing just that and I'm loving every minute of it!!!   It started last spring when we decided to build a shed in the backyard to house our work tools this would free up the garage as well as gain more space for cars and such. The organization bug is spiraling...  Like I always say we … [read more]

words of encouragement


Hi everyone, It's been a while since my last blog we've been busy doing what we do best organizing/renovating ya know all that good stuff for the new year.  Anyhow after reading TLC blog today about how accessories are one of her favorite design elements, I thought it would be nice to add to her comment and share with you all my favorite (and fairly new design pillow).   I found … [read more]



Happy New Year !!! I'm determined that lucky 13 is going to be a great one 2013!!!  Because 13 is our lucky number.  Most people shy away from the number 13 for they believe it' un-lucky.  Like staying home on Friday the 13th, because you are afraid of the so called unlucky number 13.  Well in our house 13 is the magic lucky number.  I'm sure it has something to do with my husbands … [read more]

Kitchen Reveal


  Hi everyone, Remember this  so what do you think now... We were able to complete this kitchen just in time for Santa... Looks great don't you think... We chose marble subway tile for the backsplash-lovely... … [read more]

projects in the making


  Hi everyone, It has been like forever since my lost blog to ya all. Where should I start, well... we had the devastating Hurricane power for a week, yes a week.  No heat, computer-internet blogging, TV-my HGTV, cooking-I can go on and on.  Well thank goodness everyone was safe and sound, a little inconvenienced but save... In spite of mother nature we have managed … [read more]

a baseball lover at heart


    Hi all, Remember my nephew Tommy, and his baseball-soccer bedroom .  The clever bedroom we re-created for all his hats and sports metals.  Well... we're still working on the room little by little but I've got more to show you. After we opened up a can of worms-by painting his dresser and headboard, we continued by painting the room Benjamin Moore Shaker … [read more]

the kitchen is the heart of the home

kitchen is th eheart of the home

  Hey there, Remember my friends Tanya & Mike with "Love is in the air" and "An anthropologie inspiration" and lastly the kitchen which is "A Pottery Barn Look".  Well as I always say, we have opened up a can of worms.  By updating the family room kitchen table and chairs, well it's time to spruce up the dated kitchen, after all "the kitchen is the heart of the home."  We are … [read more]

the beauty of red


    Remember my sister-in-law (+ family) and the TV I transformed for her newly finished basement, well... we have opened up a can of worms, with one project leading to another sprucing up her home for the up coming holidays. Another great piece her father-in-law made for them shortly after they were married. Take a look at the before More before With some sweat … [read more]

be creative & have fun with it


  Hi everyone,   My sister-in law purposed a creative proposition to me this weekend.  Her and her husband had this 1960-1970's  TV stored in their basement from many moons ago.  They challenged me to be creative and fun with turning it into a conversation piece for their finished basement. I decided to paint it Barcelona Orange Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I absolutely … [read more]

i love ny

mud room7

    I took a road trip with my girlfriends to one of my favorite cities in the world, New York!!!  The trip was originally to shop for leather at Global Leathers for my family room sofa, however we were able to squeeze in some shopping and lunch as well.  After all we were in New York City, the best city in the world for what else shopping and great cafes... so how could we … [read more]