Hi everyone,

Remember when I blogged about getting ORGANIZED IN 2013 well….We are doing just that and I’m loving every minute of it!!!


It started last spring when we decided to build a shed in the backyard to house our work tools this would free up the garage as well as gain more space for cars and such.

The organization bug is spiraling…  Like I always say we opened up a can of worms in a good way.

So we moved from the garage right into the house Laundry/Mudroom to be exact.

My tiny little laundry room is 5×8 only 40 square feet it was the worst room in the house, I can go on & on about how it did not function at all for a family of 5 (4+doggie) but I will let you see for yourself.

I told you it was bad,

sooo hubby and I went to work designating Laundry for one side leaving mudroom for the other.  Now we are Organized and loving every minute of it!!!


We started by replacing the  80′s linoleum floor with black ceramic tile, then we installed a pocket door, right there I think we gained 3 feet of space.  No more banging the door into the washer and dryer as we enter the room.  We then built an organized wall unit with hooks for backpacks and hoodies and a bench that opens upward for lunch boxes, sports coolers and dog food.  We also created open lockers above housing our individualized baskets for personalization and as well as organization.


The kids love it as do my husband and I.  Now everything has a place, it seems like we are all functioning better as we settle in and become organized on room at a time.


Fantastic don’t you think…..

Laundry side

Mudroom side

Now we still have a few more details to perfect like installing the heat register and changing the outlets from almond to white.  Most importantly adding a retractable drying rack which has been purchased and is on its way…


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  2. What a beautiful makeover and such a huge improvement! I love having a place for my kids to put their things. I only wish I had as much space as you have now!

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